The spectacular wild and dry side of British Columbia’s Coast Mountains.

A typical view in the Chilcotin Ark: sandy shale mountain tops
A typical view in the Chilcotin Ark: sandy shale mountain tops

Top 10 features that make the Chilcotin Ark special

Largest temperate icefield in the world

12 of the 16 biogeoclimatic zones of BC

All three alpine biogeoclimatic zones of BC meet in the Chilcotin Ark

Most northerly extension of montane grassland in North America

Influenced by 3 major climate regimes

11 of the 29 North American big game species reside here

Home of one of the most isolated wild horse populations in North America

The source of 4 major river systems

Home of the healthiest white bark pine population in Canada

Largest water storage in western North America

The Chilcotin Ark is located in British Columbia, Canada, in the rain shadow of the Coastal Range Mountains, between Lillooet and Tweedsmuir Park. The Ark is a unique place for nature and wildlife due to its location and a unique combination of ecosystems. For this reason it is important to manage and protect the lands within the Ark. . Community partners within the Chilcotin Ark take responsibility for and take care of the environment they are living and working in. Our community partners include the First Nation communities, universities, as well as settlement and corporate communities that are operating within the Ark.

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