There are many ways you can become a Chilcotin Ark Steward, depending on your interest and how much you would like to be involved. Check out all the options and get started today!

Chilcotin Ark Steward

Level One – Social Media Posts

Educating people about the international ecological importance of the Chilcotin Ark is vital to spread the word, increasing interest and awareness for the Ark. You’ve read about the ten virtues and now you can share them with your social network as a Virtual Chilcotin Ark Steward. This will increase the profile of the Chilcotin Ark, bringing it to the attention of more people which will generate more support – local, national and international – for its conservation. Follow this link for social media posts you can share, complete with pictures of the Chilcotin Ark and hashtags.

Do you have a blog site? You can use this blog story about the Chilcotin Ark to promote the international ecological importance of the Chilcotin Ark.

Level Two – Take a Training Program

Learning more about the Chilcotin Ark is vital for its management. There are lots of online training programs focusing on conservation, wildlife and ecosystems. This one uses the Chilcotin Ark as a case study so you can build on your wilderness steward skills, with a particular focus on the Chilcotin Ark. Completing a training program in conservation will enhance your skills as a Chilcotin Ark Steward.

Level Three – Citizen Science

Are you planning to visit the Chilcotin Ark? Getting involved in citizen science projects will help you make your contribution to its conservation. Use this Wildlife Sightings Form to document all the wildlife you see. This helps build up a detailed database of the wildlife of the Chilcotin Ark. This data will be used by conservation groups and local government biologists to create appropriate conservation management strategies for the Chilcotin Ark.

Level Four – Take a Trip with a Business Operator

Are you looking for an experience in the Chilcotin Ark that is more than a vacation? Are you ready to contribute to the conservation of this unique area by getting involved in invasive species management, population counts and more? Taking a trip with a Business Operator is the most responsible and sustainable way to travel in the Chilcotin Ark.

Level Five – Volunteer or Work in the Chilcotin Ark

Ready to complete a hands on internship or work in the Chilcotin Ark? Throughout the Chilcotin Ark, there are industry, tourism operators and conservation groups looking for motivated staff, interns or volunteers to make their contribution as a Chilcotin Ark Steward. Some of the ways you’ll get involved are wildlife population counts, management plans, data collection and high-level conservation plans for the Chilcotin Ark. Visit our Business Operators or Corporate Communities page to see a full list of all the operators in the Chilcotin Ark, then visit their websites to apply to work or volunteer with them.

Thank you for your contribution to the conservation of the Chilcotin Ark and being a Chilcotin Ark Steward.