In this special place called the Chilcotin Ark the Corporate Communities take responsibility for their impact on their surroundings, they take initiative to make sure they leave the environment better than when they found it by following environmental, social, governance (ESG) -principles. The corporate businesses are diverse and range from forestry and mining to utility businesses.


Forestry is an important part of land management within the Chilcotin Ark, so the forestry communities are also an integral part in conservation and stewardship in the Ark. The forestry communities within the Chilcotin Ark are listed below:

  • Aspen Planners
  • Canfor
  • West Fraser Timber Company
  • Western Forest Products
  • Tolko


A part of the Gold Belt is situated within the Chilcotin Ark, which is why there are multiple mining companies in the Chilcotin Ark. These mining companies take care of the area they are benefitting from. If you want to know more about how you can get involved click here. The mining communities within the Chilcotin Ark are listed below:

  • Amarc Resources
  • Talisker
  • Taseko Mines Ltd.


There are multiple utility companies that are using the Chilcotin Ark to and contribute to the conservation and stewardship of the resources within the Chilcotin Ark area. The corporate utility communities within the Chilcotin Ark are listed below:

  • BC Hydro
  • Chilcotin Road Maintenance
  • Dawson Road Maintenance

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