You can help in the conservation of the Chilcotin Ark by raising awareness about its international ecological importance. Use #chilcotinark in your social media posts and become a Virtual Chilcotin Ark Steward.

You can create you own post using photos you have taken of the area, or use the text, picture and hashtags below. Here are some photos and text you can use in your posts.

Step One: Choose a photo

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11 of the 29 big game species share the Chilcotin Ark
Largest water storage in western North America - share the Chilcotin Ark

Step Two: Add your text

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“Within the Chilcotin Ark, you can find 11 of the 29 big game species of North America. One of them is the mountain goat which is a relic of the ice age. Over 50% of the world goat population live in British Columbia which makes them living in the Chilcotin Ark even more special.”

“The largest temperate icefield, the four major river systems and the highest concentration of alpine lakes in North America, makes the Chilcotin Ark the largest water storage in western North America.”

Step Three: Choose your hashtags

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#chilcotinark #tsilhqotin #nature #conservation #stewardship #unique #animals #mountains #water #lake #canada #hellobc #explorebc #destinationbc #wildplaces #landwithoutlimits #wildlife #chilcotinmountains #keepitwild #naturelover #wilderness #britishcolumbia #explorecanada

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