For generations, the people of the Chilcotin Ark have used the area’s diverse resources to create all kinds of products and they continue to express their love for the region, its biodiversity and its people through their artwork to this day. Here you can find a variety of products from or about the Chilcotin Ark.

Chris Harris – British Columbia’s Cariboo Chilcotin Coast

Check out this beautiful Photographer’s Journey through the Chilcotin Ark. It is the largest and most significant book project ever undertaken by local photographer Chris Harris. He has explored and photographed the entire region in an attempt to capture the essence of the area’s Beauty, Biodiversity, and its People.

“It was an honour to explore and photograph the Ark, all with the intent to educate, and place value to its uniqueness on the planet.”

The Chilcotin Ark Poster

Get you own mountain goat or grizzly bear Chilcotin Ark poster!

Do you want to present your Chilcotin Ark artwork?