Water is a source of life for every organism and makes the Earth a livable planet. It provides organisms with nutrients and minerals, is necessary for plant growth and is a breeding ground for amphibians and insects. Water moves endlessly within the water cycle between the atmosphere and the Earth. The Silverthrone, Waddington and Homathko glacier complex in the west of the Ark form the biggest temperate ice field on Earth. The alpine in the Chilcotin Ark has the highest concentration of alpine lakes in North America. This makes the Ark in combination with the 4 major river systems that originate from it, the largest water storage in western North America. Which is why it is especially important to take care of the area. If a water source disappears, it will have a big impact on the wildlife as well as the ecosystems by changing them completely. The residents of the area all take responsibility for their part in conservation and stewardship to maintain the water storage within the Chilcotin Ark.

View on mountain ranges across Carpenter Lake in summer.
View on mountain ranges across Carpenter Lake